We are an educational group and consulting house dedicated to the creation, elaboration and administration of learning educational spaces. We design collaborative and intelligent workshops in the sensitive and specialized areas of: Criminal Justice, Security, Police Science, Risk Analysis, Criminal Intelligence, Protective Security, Maritime Safety Operations, Vehicle Operations and Tactical Operations among others.


About Us

About Us


About Us

Inteligencia Sociedad, LLC and Homeland Security Institute (HSI) began operations in 2009 providing development and training services as a mobile training unit.

In 2014, the Institute was created embracing the vision to “promote public safety and strengthen domestic security” by providing educational services in partnership with local, state, and federal criminal justice agencies including many corporate security agencies that support protection of the national critical infrastructure assets.

Both entities offer consulting services in sensitive and confidential areas related to the security field; in compliance with administrative, state and federal regulations of each company.


Mission, Vision & Values

Mission, Vision & Values



Guidance and Education of law enforcement and security professionals with the highest principles of responsibility, professionalism and confidentiality on modern advances in the area of education and security.



Be leaders in the e-learning market as a competitive, accessible and reliable alternative in the areas of education and security that promote collaborative and intelligent work, diversity of thoughts within the framework of human rights and due process of law.



Continuing our determination and commitment through our mission and
vision; Our values are:

  • Ethics: professionalism, security, integrity, reliability and confidentiality.
  • Customization: Customs Solutions and Needs of the Entity.
  • Innovation: Development of Ideas and Resources that facilitate the achievement of competitive differential elements, based on generation, culture, laws and regulations.
  • Leadership: Commitment in the development of skills of self-sufficiency in the application of the product and knowledge.

Educational & Consulting Services

Educational & Consulting Services



Inteligencia Sociedad, LLC responds to the requirements of law enforcement agencies and its personnel to manage, coordinate and provide investigative and tactical educational services, and continuing education products, to deliver the strongest and most credible approach to the many and always changing practical skills and necessary knowledge desirable on our human resources. Our services will be implemented to manage the multi-location and multi-discipline full-scale exercises necessary to support our pedagogical and technical training models.

Inteligencia Sociedad, LLC and Homeland Security Institute (HSI) are composed of ten tactical educational sections as follow:

  • TACLET - Tactical Law Enforcement Training.
  • MAROPS - Maritime Tactical Operations Training.
  • NCIPD - National Critical Infrastructure Protection Training.
  • TIOC - Tactical Intelligence Operations for First Responders.
  • INTACS - Intelligence and Tactical Support Personnel Courses.
  • FCCET - Financial & Cyber Crimes Enforcement Training.
  • WITSECC/CJSC - Witness Protection/Courts and Judicial Facilities Security Courses.
  • TVOC - Tactical Fleet Vehicles Safety and Tactical Driving Courses.
  • PDDSOC - Protective Detail and Diplomatic Security Operations Courses.
  • OPSEC - Operational Security & Potential Threats Assessment Courses.

Tactical Educational Workshops:

  • Basic Principles in Private Security
  • Use of Baton / Mechanical Restrictions and Pepper Spray
  • Administration and Supervision of Basic Operational Logistics
  • Security for Small Business (Pymes): Self-Sufficiency in Security


  • Development of Projects and Programs in the areas of education, pedagogy and security.
  • General Administration and Development of Education Projects.
  • Development and Administration of Security Projects and Self-Sufficiency for Small business.

The overarching goal of Inteligencia Sociedad, LLC is to provide a multilayered training foundation to enhance the skills and abilities of every first responder, as well as those responsible for coordinating and managing large scale corporate security and Law Enforcement events.


Our Team

Our Team


With more than 25 years of experience in the areas related to the administration and operation of the field of law enforcement, security, intelligence, among others. The certifications of personnel in the areas mentioned above will provide confidence, stability, seriousness and confidentiality to the sensitive issues related to the area of security, police sciences, risk analysis and others.



Agnes Aponte Muñoz, PHD

C.E.O and President of both organizations entirely dedicated to administer, design and teach educational products with the innovative pedagogical ADDIE model on the career field of law enforcement, plus others judicially most accepted doctrinal bases. Also, develops a variety of courses and lectures at Universities levels on subjects as Criminal Intelligence Analysis, Crime Scenes Investigations, Trans National Crime Investigations and others areas.

She is currently a Law Enforcement Special Agent of a state government agency with a 15 years of experience assigned to various investigative units including but not limited to the Interpol (IPPR) Puerto Rico Office, where she started her career as Criminal Intelligence Analyst; and solving many cases on civil rights, child pornography, governmental Integrity & Corruption, and Organized Crime. She is working as a part time professor at local and US national universities offering more than 10 different law enforcement courses at undergraduate and graduate level including online and hybrid teaching methods.

Specialist in sensitive undercover and intelligence law enforcement operations, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with a major on Forensic Psychology from the University of Puerto Rico, a Master’s Degree on Criminal Justice from the Inter American University a Doctoral Degree in Education with a major in Instructional Design and Distance Learning from Nova Southern University, at San Juan, P.R. campus.

An advocate on the use of technological tools for teaching and for law enforcement operations, she is a technical consultant and developer using many Microsoft Products based solutions, analytical and investigative units and for the law enforcement academicals institutions, specialized on Blackboard and Canvas Learning Management Systems (LMS) online teaching platforms.

An innovative and technological law enforcement academic manager, she has a keen eye to foresee new ways to transfer the Police knowledge and practical doctrines that are necessary in this century with a tendency of constant evolution of the criminal entities to defy the stability of our justice and national security infrastructure.

Also a member of the International Association of Intelligence Analysts and Public Order (IALEIA) based in the United States of America, Academy of Sciences in Criminal Justice (ACJS) and the International Association of Criminal Analysts (IACA).

Abner Ortiz Rivera, CPS-PPS

Homeland Security Institute (HSI) Tactical Chief Instructor. He is also a full time (TACOPS) Tactical Operations Instructor, currently working at the Public Safety Institute in Puerto Rico; where he has obtained several High Liability Instructor teaching licenses from the Florida Criminal Justice Standards Commission, FDLE Florida Department of Law Enforcement and Valencia College Criminal Justice Institute. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Penal Justice, specialized in Security and Protection from the Institute of Security and Protection of SUAGM.

Prior assignments during his more than 19-year tenure includes investigator/technician in the motor vehicle theft division of PRPD criminal investigation bureau where he conducted confidential undercover investigations against criminal entities under (Black Flag Concept) motor vehicle theft operations and served in a number of capacities including intelligence collection specialist.

Since joining the DOJ in 1987, he has served in various cases as criminal investigator working in liaison with the IPPR Interpol office at the NIE Special Bureau of Investigations. In 1990 he graduated from the POPR and FBI Criminal Investigation School; worked as Helicopter intelligence aircrew at the POPR Combined Forces of Rapid Deployment (FURA). He served at the US Army Aviation Support Reconnaissance and Interdiction Detachment, Counter Drug Task Force RAID. Supplying Photographic Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance of Sea-Air-Land areas of criminal operations. Ortiz also have MAR-OPS experience on Special Waterborne Operations and Tactical Maritime Interdiction; when he was trained and certified as a Tactical & Combat Reconnaissance Swimmer, Ship Interdiction Operator and Gas & Oil Platforms (GOPLATS) Interdiction Operator.

After receiving training and certification from the U.S Secret Service PPD-Presidential Protection Division Instructors on Dignitary and Government Officials Protection, he serves at the Banco Popular Assets Protection Division as the Executive Protection Agent for the CEO and Bank President, plus serves as Financial Crimes and Fraud Investigator solving and submitting cases at the federal and local courts.

Instructor Ortiz has supported several domestic and outside CONUS missions as a head intelligence analyst with the Puerto Rico Banks Association assigned to the San Juan Task Force Financial Crimes Field Intelligence Group. Assisting investigations ranging from violent gangs, organized crime, money laundering and counterterrorism financial investigations for almost 4 years. He is a current member of the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA).